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Easy steps to evaluated Erectile Dysfunction

1st of all: Take History

Try to fined out Onset of ED, whether it was Sudden or gradual, Primary or Secondary, how was the Erection at other occasions. Response to previous therapy? Libido, Physical or Mental Stress, painful penile curvature, Previous longstanding priapism.

Ask about

DM, IHD, HTN, Hypo or Hyper thyroidism, claudication, trauma, H/O Prostate surgery, Secondary Sexual Characters, Symptoms of sensory loss, epilepsy, Liver or Renal disorders, cardiac disorder, Cushing syndrome. Obesity hyper lipidemia, hyper-cholestero-lemia, hypo-volemia etc.

2nd: Physical Examination

Examination Tests & penis, Gynocomastia, features of other hormonal Disorder, Peripheral pulses & sensation, Deep Tendon reflexes & Bulbocavernosal reflexes etc.

3rd Clinical Examination

Following tests will be performed step by step, depending on their needs based on history & examination. Blood Sugar, CBC, Kidney, Liver, Lipids Profile & Thyroid Profile etc.

Hormone Testing

All associated Hormonal tests like, Testosterone, Prolactin, LH, FSH, Thyroid profile, Cortisol etc will be performed.

N.P.T. Monitoring

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence assessment is done, by Rigi scan device to differentiate if impotence is due to psychogenic, or some internal cause, if N.P.T. Monitoring shows Normal results, it means impotence is psychogenic, if result is Impaired, it shows that impotence is due to internal cause.

Penile Blood Supply Testing

To decide whether impotency is due to Neuro-genic, vascular, or due to some other causes, we observe penis erection in response to various Vasodilators, whether penis is getting full erection or not, how long erection is persisting in response to various vasodilators. Like papavrine, Alprostadil etc, if penis is not becoming fully erected or not maintaining erection for at least fifteen minutes, even after adequate does of vasodilators. Then cause of impotency is vascular. If penis is getting full hard and staying longer then fifteen minutes, then cause will be neurogenic or some other cause.